Boogie to an all-new beat in this rhythm game for the Nintendo DS. Create and customize your very own Boog, then take the stage using the DS Touch Screen to showcase your best dancing moves. With 20 hit songs from over four decades, a variety of lovable characters, and three different styles of gameplay, Boogie is the must-have dancing party game for all ages to round out their DS games collection``Key Features:``• Boogie in 3D—Play Boogie in 3D with the special glasses enclosed with each box. • Make your Boog a Star—Choose between one of five Boogs, each with its own unique dancing style, then customize with 500+ clothing options and do-it-yourself decal creation.``• Become a Boogie Master—Play through all five storylines and accomplish all eleven ranks of gameplay to unlock songs and earn badges in Career mode.``• Dance It Up with Friends—Challenge up to three friends in Multi-Card play, or take on one opponent in Single-Card play.``• Fun Mini-Games—Boost your dancing score with 10+ different mini-games or play them in your own customized mini-game session.``• The Music Reigns Supreme—Boogie down to a variety of dance hits, from rock to pop, disco to funk.``
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