Play My French Coach 15 to 20 minutes a day is all you need to become fluent in French.`` * A very intuitive and fun game for everyone: My French Coach teaches the basics of word use, grammar and construction of phrases through fun and easy-to-play mini-games, and evaluates your progress.` * The most complete game to master French: 1000 interactive lessons designed with French teachers, 10,000 words and 400 phrases, including pronunciation test using the built-in DS microphone.` * Travel with My French Coach and never be lost again because of language! Complete reference book for travel instantly look up words or phrases in English or French by list, keyword, categories or by your favorites.` * Other features include:` o 8 touchpad mini-games to sharpen your mastery of the language at your own pace.` o Track your progress with charts showing your performance learning the language` o Simple touch screen interface makes it perfect for anyone of any age
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