Rendered in rich detail, four of the world's greatest cities - - await the steady hand of a planner to manage their transportation needs in Cities in Motion.``Oversee the changing needs of people from 1920 to 2020, it's up to you to manage everything from buses, trams and subway trains to maximize profits while pleasing commuters.` `Special Features `` * Explore four different cities: Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin, and Amsterdam` * Engage in a campaign with 12 scenarios, as well as a sandbox mode where all campaign cities are playable` * Experience realistic 3D graphics with more than 100 unique, highly detailed buildings` * Use the advanced map editor to create your own cities` * Play through 100 years of transportation history throughout four eras spanning from 1920 to 2020` * Choose between more than 30 different vehicles based on real-life models of buses, trams, water buses, helicopters, and subways, complete with an underground view` * Experience a real-time city and traffic simulator as each location's bustling population commutes between their homes, jobs, and leisure sites.
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