With Netmin Games' Poker Simulator, No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker played on PC and Mac has now reached a new standard of gameplay: Learn, Play and Win!``For players that want to play in single-mode, there are the extensive Western Career Campaign, Tournament Mode and minigames. AI level and AI playing styles can be adjusted to the players liking and there are 16 different locations to choose from. For beginners, Poker School can be attended in-game, where amongst others, rules and types of hands are explained. Advanced players can choose to be coached on items like bluffing and body language.``For players that want to try their luck, talent or newly obtained skills there is a multiplayer LAN network mode for 2-10 players. Customise your game by including your own photo and name and adding your own music to the Jukebox.`` * LAN network mode for 2-10 players` * 16 different locations` * 4 levels of AI: from Beginner to Poker Legend` * 3 types of opponent playing styles: Passive, Aggressive and Variable` * 4 poker minigames` * 7 tournament modes` * Campaign: Western Career Mode` * Poker School for Beginners: Rules, Types of Hands, etc.` * Coaching for Advanced Players: Bluffing, Body Language, etc.` * Include your own photo and name in the gam` * Jukebox: add your own music (PC)` * Poker Lexicon: important definitions from A-Z`
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