In a journey of exploration around the globe, the Discover series reaches the sun drenched Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East. ``From the gleaming cityscape of Dubai to the haunting images of the Saudi desert, from Kuwait City to the islands of the Persian Gulf. See the rich history of Egypt in a trip down the River Nile and discover the Pyramids. Explore early civilizations in Syria and Jordan as the rich tapestry of these lands unfolds beneath your wings. ``Visit exotic islands and practice your water landings in the SeaRey aircraft. This nimble little touring aircraft is equally at home on land or in the water and adds a whole new aquatic dimension to the experience. Go ahead and make a splash in the Gulf or skim the Nile!``Discover Arabia puts you in the pilot seat with a series of flights that unveil the exotic mystery and unforgettable vistas of some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth. With your own personal aircraft, route and itinerary you need only pack your imagination for this once in a lifetime experience!`
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