Construction Simulator: Deluxe Edition contains the full version of the popular Construction-Simulator and eight expansion packs: ``• LIEBHERR 150 EC-B.`• LIEBHERR LB 28.`• Vertical Skyline.`• LIEBHERR LR 1300.`• St. John’s Hospital Fuchsberg.`• LIEBHERR LTM 1300 6.2.`• LIEBHERR HTM 1204 ZA.`• LIEBHERR A 918.``Features:`• Contains main game + 8 DLCs.`• More than 20 realistic construction machines.`• Licensed by LIEBHERR, MAN and STILL.`• Over 200 missions now with drilling missions, high-rise buildings and bridge construction.`• Realistic vehicle controls – e.g. SAE controls for excavators.`• Realistic sound effects recorded from the original machines.`• Multiplayer mode.`• Freely navigable world with varied areas and city quarters.`• Modding of construction sites and vehicles is fully supported.`• Over 300.000 sold units.`• Over 15.000 active users.`• Deluxe-Edition includes 8 DLC packages.`
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