Salvage Yard Simulator.`Run your own salvage yard! ``Control the machines and master all the tasks. Watch expenses, make profits, expand your scrap yard and buy new vehicles and machines. Unlock 20 salvage yards, complete the missions and enjoy the unlimited Free Play mode. `Surface Mining Simulator.`Mine your way to millions! ``Drive bucket-wheel excavators, dumps trucks, cranes and more. Mine coal, turf, gravel, sand, clay and rocks with loaders, dozers, crushers and conveyors! Make your money, add new machines and grow your mining empire. `Bus Simulator 2.`Build a successful bus company. ``Take the wheel and drive your buses, from the inner city to the harbour, villages and country roads. Turn a profit and expand your business. Ticket sales, voice announcements, custom schedules and real-time destination displays add to the realism! `Features:` Drive forklifts, cranes, shredders, compactors, melters, diggers and more. ` Realistic salvage and economy system. ` Master over 20 different mining tasks. ` Alternate camera views, including cockpit! ` Drive detailed bus models including articulated, coaches and shuttles. ` Choose your route network in realistic locations. `
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