With more flights, more features and more accuracy than previous add-ons in the best-selling Traffic series, Traffic 360° is the definitive AI traffic expansion for FSX. Never before has the Flight Simulator world seen this level of aerial and airport activity – at all points of the compass!`The latest edition in this exceptional series contains more traffic, updated aircraft models, new liveries, additional ground traffic, upgraded sounds and the most realistic flight schedules ever. Never before have the skies and airports of Flight Simulator X been this busy! Traffic 360° brings the FSX environment to life with added realism, innovative new functionality and numerous updated features.`The most realistic flight schedules ever, with over 600,000 international, regional, commuter and cargo flights, not to mention general aviation and military flights.`With over 300 new and updated aircraft liveries, 20 new aircraft and 40 updated models, Traffic 360° brings over 2,400 individual aircraft variants to the virtual skies.`Custom airport vehicles in five world regions include baggage trucks and loaders, police and service vehicles, and pushback trucks and fuel tankers. Eight different active vehicles interact with the user’s aircraft and other AI aircraft and ten different ambient vehicle types populate appropriate airports.`• High fidelity custom sound sets replace the default AI aircraft sounds.`• Includes all the content from the three Expansion Packs released for Traffic X: Airliner, Commuter and Military.`• Updated Traffic Editor for improved flight planning and enhanced traffic generation. `
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