Tower! 2011 is an addictive and engaging stand-alone air traffic control simulation and above all a very realistic one! With a complex and authentic command structure, advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Speech Recognition technology, Tower! 2011 lets you experience the thrill of being a real air traffic controller.``Take control in this exciting ATC simulation!``There are numerous Arcade-style air traffic control games, but few simulations approach the accuracy and realism of Tower! 2011. This simulation replicates exactly the procedures needed to guide aircraft of various sizes and capabilities in and out of an airport, from landing and take-off clearances on the active runway to aircraft movements on taxiways and in terminal and parking areas.``Tower! 2011 provides ground and air radar screens and top-down photorealistic views of the airport, and Speech Recognition technology allows you to control the realistic behaviour of the AI aircraft according to real-world traffic control procedures.
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